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marking condition owner
555.3221 not working KHKD
year of manufacture serial number manufacturer
1943 16500 WLF
weight of empty length total base
100,3 t 22 975 mm 19 000 mm
characteristic max speed output
1' E p2 80 km/h 1450 kW
water store black oil store tender
25 m3 14 m3 930.3220
   After experience gained in the world and mainly in former USSR, CSD decided to restore steam locomotives of a 555.0 class on heating with black oil in 1963. The reconstruction held place in Bratislava - East depot with a help of Slovnaft n.p., in Most depot and Nymburk Works at the beginning. SZD Ivano Frankovsk Works and SZD Kovel depot moved into the reconstruction works in 1964. 202 locomotives of a 555.3 class came into being in total, numbers of inventory were left from former 555.0 coal-locomotives. The black oil-locomotives are notorious famous for boilers explosion of three of them. They were placed out of regular service at the end of the sixties', the last of them in 1973. Some of locomomotives served as heating boilers in depots.
    The locomotive 555.3221 was constructed by reconstruction of coal locomotive 555.0221 (ex TE-7047 SŽD ex 52.7047 DR) in 1964, which came from Soviet delivery of 100 locomotives for CSD in 1962-1963. It finished its service as K 521 in Usti nad Labem depot in 1978 and was sold to Kovosrot (scrap) in Ceska Lipa. This locomotive was bought together with 365.025 by Railway company (Společnost zeleznicni) in 1994 and sold to ZOS Nymburk in ??? German railway museum Hermeskeil was interested in this locomotives, but thanks to its bad condition the sale was not realized.
    KHKD bought the locomotive 555.3221 in 2002. The Club's aim is its completion and repair into displayed condition. In 2013 the locomotive was loaned out to Muzeum Výtopna Zdice.