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marking condition owner
555.0301 / TE -3644 not working KHKD
year of manufacture serial number manufacturer
1943 17221 WLF
weight of empty length total base
97,5 t 22 975 mm 19 000 mm
characteristic max speed output
1' E p2 80 km/h 1216 kW
water store coal store tender
30 m3 13,5 m3 930.2301 / TE -3246
   The German war locomotives of a 52 class were parts of war capture and victorious power's war indemnity. The USSR got the most of them - 2 150 pieces. SZD let them the original marking, they were marked as a TE class with original numbres of inventory from 1952. The locomotives were transformed into 1524 mm broad-gauge from 1946 to be able to serve to all SZD network. They were placed out of SZD service in sequence from the beginning of the 60th's. The part of them was forwarded to industrial railways and railway sidings, the part was scraped or transformed into heating boilers, the part was transformed back into standard track gauge, conserved and put aside as a strategical reserve on the USSR western boundary from the Baltic sea to the Black sea. The relevant depots maintained the locomotives according to indicated examinations in serviceable conditions until a half of the 90th's. 623 locomotives were renamed from a TE class with 1042001-1042623 computer numbers in 1984.
    SZD sold 710 locomotives of a TE class to some states of Eastern block in 1961-1966: MAV 100 pieces, DR 60 pieces, JZ 78 pieces, PKP 220 pieces, BDZ 140 pieces, CSD 100 pieces and VZD 12 pieces (Vitkovice factory transport). Other 9 locomotives were exported to Vietnam in 1984, where they had never been put to service.
    The locomotives were transformed according to SZD norms, a typically thing was smoke-box with little doors without smoke rectifier. CSD marked them as a 555.0201-300 class. 94 new bought locomotives included 108 original ones of a 555.0 class were transformed into black oil heating and marked as a 555.3 class in 1963-64. KHKD bought a locomotive 555.0301 (ex TE-3644 SZD ex 52 3644 DR) in 2003 to complete a collection of the German war locomotives by missing historical version. The TE-3644 locomotive served on SZD broad-gauge in 1946-1962. During main repairs in April 1962 it was transformed into standard track gauge and keep as a strategical reserve in Kalingrad region until 1992. It was sold together with TE-5933 locomotive to the foreign parties concerned and both locomotives were transported to Görlitz works in Germany. TE-5933 locomotive was put into service and sold to German transporter WAB. There were four TE locomotives exported from former the USSR in modern history, two mentioned above, TE-3915 is an exhibit in TM Speyer in Germany and TE-7175 is an exhibit in PKP scanzen in Kościerzyna depot. The end of the cold war was also the end of Soviet strategical reserves on 1435 mm track gauge.
    The locomotive was loaned out to the Railway museum in Lužná u Rakovníka in 2003 and then transportoted to Siding Kněževes in July 2014. There it serves as a not working exhibit.